Lunar Stile

Half sweet

Made from a selection of grapes, the Mid-Sweet Stile Lunar has a clear, bright yellow-green coloration and aroma of ripe citrus fruits. It stands out for its balanced and refreshing sweetness, and fine and persistent perlage - fruit of the Charmat Method.

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Riesling and Trebbiano


Serra Gaúcha - RS - Brazil

Vineyard production

12,000 - 15,000 kg / ha

Fermentation of Base Wine

30 days - 15ºC

Foam outlet

35 days - 15ºC

Alcohol / Vol%


Residual Sugars

34g / L

Total acidity

7.5g / L





Oenologist’s Notes

The base wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts and temperature control. The assemblage is elaborated with harmonic proportions of the wines Riesling and Trebbiano, seeking the best balance between the two varieties. The sparkling is elaborated by the Charmat Method, where the frothing is carried out in special tanks (autoclaves), being daily controlled its temperature and pressure. After the fermentation, the sparkling wine remains in contact with the yeasts in the autoclave for 2 months, gaining complex aromas of the yeasts, without losing the fruity character of the original varieties.

Visual aspect

It has a clear visual appearance, with a light yellow color with greenish reflections. Its perlage is thin and persistent.


Aromas with a touch of honey and toasted. Good intensity and aromatic fineness.


It shows good creaminess and balance between sugars and acidity. Good softness without losing the freshness in the mouth.

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