The Zanlorenzi

Founded in 1942, Zanlorenzi is one of the largest wine companies and one of the most important beverage industries in Brazil, owning the most modern and agile packaging line in Latin America. Zanlorenzi's production base is located in the Serra Gaúcha, in the city of São Marcos/RS, and its industrial center is located in the city of Campo Largo/PR.

Zanlorenzi is present throughout the national territory, as well as in several countries in Latin America, and is one of the market leaders in Brazil.

Production base - Serra Gaúcha - RS

The company has a vast portfolio of products, with 12 brands and more than 130 labels, which covers four market categories: table wines, national and imported fine wines, sparkling wines, juices and teas. Zanlorenzi also invests in the category of healthy products, with launches in the segments of whole juices, besides being one of the pioneers in the elaboration of juices with fruits and vegetables. The wines and sparkling wines have more than 50 national and international awards.

Produce and distribute quality wines, juices and healthy drinks, serving and innovating the market needs, generating value for customers, consumers, employees and shareholders, increasing the general social welfare.

Be recognized in up to 5 years as a national reference in juices, wines and teas, with healthy and innovative products, present in Brazilian homes and hearts.

Business Sustainability, because we practice sustainable business practices, socially responsible, support family farming, respect and community attention, and favor social welfare.

Commitment, because we are committed to customers, partners, employees, society and the results of the organization;

Relationship, because we believe in the lasting development of the relations of gain and reciprocal respect;

Differentiation, because we have developed a culture driven by innovation and management quality;

Culture of Quality, daily practice.


Quality policy
To develop, produce and market healthy drinks, wines and sparkling wines with a high quality standard that guarantee the safety of their products in accordance with current norms and legal requirements, focused on meeting customer needs while maintaining an interactive communication with stakeholders , through the process of continuous improvement proposed by the management system.

TimelineGet to know the history of the Zanlorenzi from the arrival of the first immigrants to the present day.
1888Coming straight from Italy aboard the ship Vapore, the Zanlorenzi family (Romano Zanlorenzi and his son Carlos, future founder of the company) landed in Brazil.
1942In love with wines like his father, Carlos Zanlorenzi founded, along with his wife, Júlia, Zanlorenzi & Irmão Ltda. At the time, they made the sales themselves.
1973Zanlorenzi & Irmão's production, storage, distribution and marketing took place.
1976The company acquires a property in the best terroir for planting grapes in Brazil, Paralelo 30, located in São Marcos (RS)
1991A Zanlorenzi & Irmão gains new facade and changes its name. From this year on the company is called Campo Largo Wines.
2005Launching of the new visual identity of the Campo Largo Winery, in the same year that the company's management gains a new headquarters.
2011From October 2010 on, the company goes on to call the Famiglia Zanlorenzi Winery Group, run by the 3rd generation of the family, under the chairmanship of Giorgeo Zanlorenzi. Today, the company has the largest and most modern packaging line in Latin America and it is the largest table wine company in Brazil.
2016In 2015, the company launches fruit and vegetable juices, which become a milestone for the company. In 2016, it enlarges the line of whole juices increasing the portfolio for the market of healthy products.
2017At the age of 75, Zanlorenzi inaugurates a new aseptic cold filling industrial park, expanding its portfolio in the healthy drinks segment and entering a new market category with Special Teas and Mate